Our Own Environment Committee

Club Five Dock RSL recognises that effective environmental management is an important part of successfully undertaking our role in the Community and ensuring the long-term sustainability and growth in the Five Dock area.

Your Club understands its responsibilities in environmental management & practices and is committed to complying with Commonwealth and State environmental legislation and regulations.

At the Clubs’ Strategic Planning In July 2010, the Environment Sub Committee was formed to develop policies and procedures that demonstrate Club Five Dock RSL’s strong commitment to managing and improving its environment. This is achieved through a planned approach and communicating a clear environmental vision to the Community.

“Club Five Dock RSL is a leader in sustainable environmental management and practice to provide the best family friendly club”

In 2012 the Clubs commitment still continues with some fantastic results to announce. Club Five Dock RSL’s Marketing Manager David Raiti recently presented at the Canada Bay Councils Sustainable business Five Dock Launch and spoke about how your Club have been working towards an eco-friendly Club since 2004 taking on many initiatives to reduce consumption in water, gas, electricity and general wastage.

Since upgrades from 2004 the club have reduced water consumption by over 25,000L, rubbish compactors for general waste and cardboard have been installed cutting our wastage by half. The Club installed a glass bottler crusher. During this time, we have saved 48 tons of glass, that’s equivalent to 27,951 Kg of c02 or driving 97,782Km in a car.

LED lighting has been recently been installed throughout the Club and in one month we have reduced our power consumption by 30,000KW due to cooler lighting and efficient air-conditioning.

Your Club are diligent in assuring air-condition units and lighting controls are off when not used and recyclable items are placed in recyclable bins. Eco friendly re-usable bags are used with all our raffles and the courtesy buses have been upgraded to diesel vehicles to save on fuel consumption.