ClubGRANTS is a funding program established through local clubs to assist with the development of community organisations. Club Five Dock RSL prides itself on assisting those in need; ensuring that they make a difference within the community through charity involvement. 

The 2019 Canada Bay ClubGrant program (Category 1) are now closed.

Please note, you are welcome to download our CAT2 application form and submit an application at anytime.

Community groups in the City of Canada Bay local government area are encouraged to apply for funding under the ClubGRANTS Program.  Several local participating/qualifying clubs in the area have funding available in the following categories:

  • Community Welfare and Social Services
  • Community Development
  • Community Health Services and
  • Employment Assistance Activities.

ClubGRANTS  will be online and community groups are invited to submit their application online.  If you are unable to submit your application online please contact City of Canada Bay on 9911 6555. For more information and application forms, contact one of the participating clubs or phone Clubs NSW on 1300 730 001

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Apply Now for CATEGORY 1

Download CAT2 Application Form

Category 1: Applicants must apply directly to the relevant Local Committee or Local Committee Convener. Club Five Dock RSL local committee is through Canada Bay Council. Refer to the ClubGRANTS Committee Search for information about available funding in your area, application methods and deadlines.
Category 2:

Applicants must apply directly to their local club, and usually submit a letter to the Board of Directors requesting funding, with details on the project’s name and purpose, amount required, and information about the community impact of the proposal. There are no opening/closing dates for Category 2 funding. For information about Category 2 funding in your area, contact Club Five Dock RSL on (02) 9712 2055.

Download CAT2 Application Form

Category 3:


Category 3 is a state-wide fund administered by the NSW Government. For more information contact the Office of Liquor, Gaming and Racing (OLGR) on (02) 9995 0575.

Club Grants and Community Support 2019

Club Five Dock RSL is committed to continue its ongoing support within our local community. These funds were distributed in the form of ClubGRANTS and community donations.

The Board of Directors is delighted to announce that between 1st September 2018 – 31st August 2019 a total of $247,087 was funded through ClubGrants and community donations through cash and in-kind support.

Club Five Dock RSL applauds the extraordinary work carried out by our local community organisations and schools. Over $52,000 went towards Community and Junior Sports, over $22,000 went into Local Schools, and over $56,000 went into Veteran welfare initiatives.

The Club is very proud to support each and every one of these organisations for their important work in your community.

Below is a list of some of our recipients:

Category 1

Category 2