Sub-Branch Newsletter

Many of us have been receiving the updates from Head Office about the now completed enquiry into the financial management of the organisation. The report only became available in the second week of February, and at 700 pages, it is a large document to digest. The current State President is proposing changing the organisation’s constitution and a very quick consultative process is now underway prior to May Congress in Albury.
The State President has also released a Strategic Direction paper – a prelude to an organisational strategic plan – and has asked for feedback from sub-branch executives. Members of Western Metropolitan District Council (WMDC) met in February to discuss the Strategic Direction paper and offer thoughts and feedback. The deadline for this article was before the meeting, but I will be able to fully brief members at our next meeting.
Our Sunday Commemorative Service will be held on the 22nd April and members are requested to fall-in outside the club at 10:30am. The NSW Police Band will be leading us down to Five Dock Park, which will be a treat.
This year marks the 100th year that Five Dock RSL Sub-Branch was issued its charter. This makes Five Dock one of the first Sub-Branches in NSW. Sunday the 12th August has been set aside for a commemorative service at the memorial at Five Dock Park and I will have more details closer to the date.
Our March meeting is also our AGM – our meeting starts at 7pm and all members are requested to attend.
Finally, and with sadness, I have to announce the retirement of Bevlee Nichols. Bev has been the cornerstone of our Sub-Branch for decades. Her drive and passion for our organisation and the behind-the-scenes hours of hard work and attention to detail have ensured that our Commemorative Sunday Services go off without a hitch. Her knowledge of our members and our history is irreplaceable. Bev is a wonderful and caring person and I personally wish her all the best in the future.
Agatha Kowal, another long-term Club Five Dock RSL team member, will be assisting both David Clarke and I with the day-to-day Sub-Branch administration.

Thank you
Robert Ridge,
President, Five Dock RSL Sub-Branch

notice for sub-branch members
Your Sub-Branch Annual General Meeting
will be held on 7th March 2018,
following the scheduled meeting commencing at 7pm
• To receive and if found fit, adopt financial and other reports
• To carry out the election of officers for 2018
• To hear any recommendations
Robert Ridge, President